How it Works

BMC – How it Works?

Welcome to Bid My Choice, the new way of winning and buying your favorite products in selected categories. Bidding is very simple. All you need to follow this step-by-step guide –

Step 1 – Sign Up

You can register at home page. Verify email address after registration. You can also sign up with Facebook.

Step 2 – Login

Login and complete your profile. You can login with Facebook, also.

Step 3 – Recharge your wallet to place bid on your favorite product ( Under Live Auction)

Next step is to recharge your wallet by using your recharge wallet. Its easy. Minimum recharge amount is Rs 50/-

Step 4 – Bidding on Live Auction Product.

After adding amount to  your wallet with minimum ( Rs 50 is minmum, maximum as much as you want) amount, you are ready to bid on any live auction products. Amount of bid is given in each auction Bid Range. You can bid with any amount in the given bid range. Following are important points , please pay attention.

  • You can bid as many times for any auction.
  • The bidder whose bid amount is unique and higher ( in the Given Bidding Range amount only) will be the winner.
  • You will get notification everyday on the auction you placed bid, to stay up-to-date of your odds of winning. You will get this notification till the auction is running.
  • You may opt out if you no longer want any notification. To do this, go to Dashboard > Manage Profile, and uncheck “Receive Notification”.
  • Suppose, after successful registration,  you logged in and hit Bid Now Button without having sufficient amount in your wallet, it will ask to recharge your wallet. You can recharge your wallet with the minimum amount ( Rs 50 is minmum recharge amount).

Step 5 – Loyalty Points

To earn loyalty points

You will earn some loyalty point in every bid. For example, you bid on an auction whose range is from Rs. 100 to Rs. 200. You will receive x loyalty points for bidding with Rs. 150. 

To redeem loyalty points

Redeem loyalty points by going to Dashboard > Redeem Management, and you can get products.

What should be in mind to be most probable winner?

To be winner your bid must be highest and unique ( in the given bidding range of that auction).

Suppose you are bidding for the auction whose bid range is Rs 100 to Rs 200 and you have placed bid with amount Rs 110.

Any other X person has bid in this auction with amount Rs 170 also other person Y has placed bid in this auction with amount Rs170.

In this scenario the winner will be here the person who has placed bid with amount Rs 110. (Because this amount is unique amount among all the bid amounts).  You can bid in decimal amount also. For example 10.20, 10.80, 15.30 etc. The amount will be deducted from your wallet. You can recieve your wallet statement on monthly basis.